CE Certification Evaluation Survey - Human and Faith Development

*Please check the location you attended for Human and Faith Development:
Lynnfield-Feb. 23
Northampton-April 6
ZOOM - April 6 (From home)
ZOOM - April 6 (From Hartford UCC)
*During this session I felt included:
Strongly agree
Neither agree or disagree
Strongly disagree
*This session for me was:
Just right
Too much
Too little
I felt energy when we were discussing:
Some topics I would like to know more about include:
Additional support or resources that I may need include:
I would like to make the following comments:
If you attended the class via the Zoom video conferencing, please share any constructive feedback that will help us to continue this format effectively:
*Are you seeking Certification?

The next two questions are required if you are seeking Certification.

*1. What is one thing you will take with you and why?
*2. What is one thing you will practice and why?
Name (Required for Certfication students)
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