Certification - Faith Formation Classes Year Two 2018-2019

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The May 4th Education Planning for Congregations course meets MACUCC Certification requirements and is also a make up for the  Theories of Religious Education class.  PLEASE  do not check the discount button unless this is your third session this program year AND you have paid in full for the two prior classes.


Jan. 12 - Worship and Sacraments -Northampton ($45)
Jan. 12 - ZOOM -Worship and Sacraments ($45)
Feb. 23 - Human and Faith Development- Lynnfield ($45)
Apr. 6 - Human and Faith Development - Northampton ($45)
Apr. 6 - Human and Faith- ZOOM from home ($45)
Oct. 6- Worship and Sacraments -Lynnfield ($45)
April 6 - Human and Faith - ZOOM from Hartford UCC - ($45)
Mar. 9 - Theories of Religious Education - Northampton ($45)
March 9 - Theories of RE - ZOOM from Hartford, UCC - ($45)
Mar. 9 - Theories of RE - ZOOM from home ($45)
Mar. 30 - Theories of Religious Education - Lynnfield ($45)
May 4 - Education Planning for Congregations @ Melrose Highlands ($45)
ALL three sessions (for discount) (($10))

By clicking “Submit Form,” you are agreeing to have your image and voice recorded to be shared with students who have access to a make-up video of the class. Please contact Debbie Gline Allen  if you cannot agree to this.

After you hit the "SUBMIT" button you will be taken to the payment screen where you may either pay online with a credit card OR if you wish you may mail a check to my attention payable to MACUCC. Thank you. Cindy Bolton c/o MACUCC 1 Badger Road Framingham, MA 01702

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