The Do-The-New Grant: Application form

Welcome to the application process for the Do The New grant.

At this point, we expect you have submitted a "Letter of Intent".  If not, please go to  this link and do so now.  We also expect that we will have some conversation with you before you submit this application.   You are certainly welcome to start working on this as soon as you like.

If you have any questions, please contact Susan Townsley at

Who is filling out this form?
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Who are the participants?
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Organization Information
*Name and address of the organization/church
*Officer of the Organization

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*Please list the names of all the application writers. You may also include their email addresses.
Project information for which you seek funding:

If you have not yet submitted a letter of intent, please go to this link and fill that out first.  We will be in touch with you after the letter is submitted to ensure that you are ready to proceed with this application.   

*What is the name of your project
*Please Describe your project.
*In what way does your project uphold the values of the Connecticut Conference?

(see for vision, for mission statement).

*In particular, to what degree does this project require or encourage interdependence?
*Will you enact this project even if you do not receive a grant from us? If so, how do you hope funding will enhance the project?
*Describe the leadership for this project. What is the relationship between the leadership of this project and the leadership of the church/organization or any partnering organizations?
*Who are your stakeholders? What are your plans to cultivate their support?
*What challenges and obstacles to you anticipate encountering, and what plans do you have to address those challenges?
*What resources will your church and any partner organizations bring to bear in this project?
*Describe how you anticipate prototyping, reviewing, and adjusting your project. How will you celebrate successes and failures and incorporate learnings?
*What support would you like from the Conference other than the funding? Leadership- skills development? Project Planning? Budgeting? Coaching?
*Do you anticipate this project running for more than 2 years, and if so, how will you address funding needs after the grant period is over?
*Please upload a budget for your project

Attach file pdf, doc(x), xls(x), jpg/gif/png, ppt - up to 25 MB

*Are you applying for any other grants for this project?
If so, please list below
*Signature of application writer(s):

Your typed name will stand as your signature

Resources to strengthen your project

A clear and planful connection from your resources to your desired outcomes strenghtens your project.  We suggest you use somethign like a Logic Model/Theory of Change to demonstrate your thinking: sample one, editable sample 2.  

Planfulness promises better outcomes for projects and keeps us more accoutable to ourselves and our partners.  You might consider using something like a Gannt chart:  Sample Gannt Chart

Please contact Susan Townsley if you'd like further instruction on how to use these resources.

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