Eastern Regional Youth Event (ERYE) Workshop Proposal Form

ERYE - July 19 -22, 2018

California University of Pennsylvania

My theme song is God's love and justice ~Psalm 101:1

Submit your idea for a youth-friendly workshop by December 15, 2017.  We are looking for programs that invite youth to PRAY (try on spiritual practices and faith formation) PLAY (be creative and find healty ways for re-creation) and PONDER  (engage in social justice issues).  Your program will help nurture young leaders in the United Church of Christ! Our plenary sessions will focus on the UCC initiative of the Three Great Loves: Love of neighbor, Love of children, and Love of creation so we encourage you to build your workshop that will help youth consider how to build a just world for all. Workshops are 60 minutes. You will be notified by January 15 if your workshop is selected.  Each accepted workshop presenter will receive a contract and a small stipend.

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There will be three workshop sessions each day.  Each workshop is 60 minutes in length.  We will try our best to accommodate you.

Friday, July 20 only
Saturday, July 21 only
I can offer the same workshop on both days(preferred)
*Classroom set up

What kind of arrangement works best for your presentation?

Indivdual desks
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Classroom needs
white board and markers
projector and screen for powerpoint
audio or mic
sink for washing up after art projects
*Maximum number of participants

Most workshops will be offered in classroom settings that can accomodate 25 participants.  Let us know if you need a larger space for 50 (or more) people.

Additional workshop fee

Does your workshop require special supplies?  Example: art supplies.  If so, what is the estimated cost per person?  You will be asked to purchase supplies and submit receipts for reimbursement.

Additional Comments Regarding your Workshop.
Important Information

Before you submit your workshop, please double check your calender to make sure can present your workshop on Friday, July 20 and /or Saturday, 21, 2018.  It is very difficult to cancel a workshop once the brochure has been printed and registration has begun.

Please do not publicize your workshop until your workshop has been accepted by the ERYE Workshop Team.

As you are preparing your workshop, please remember no self-promotion or "selling" of your books/services during the workshop.  If you want to promote your services or books, you are welcome to register for marketplace table.  


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