UCC NYE- pre reg

Tell us your plans for participation in the UCC National Youth Event on July 22-25, 2020.  Take a moment here to pre-register your group so we can make estimates for transportation and collaborate on leadership.  This will help keep you in the loop for information updates on the event.  Note: This DOES NOT serve as registration for the program.  

*First Name
*Last Name
*Phone number
*Church and Town
*Your role and/or title
*Plans for participation

Tell us how your expect to participate.  We recognize that plans change, so give your best estimates on the questions below.  The Connecticut Conference will be organizing a group for youth who wish to participate but do not have a group from their home church.  This group will travel by bus with others from MA and RI.

We are planning to bring a group from our church and will provide appropriate supervision by male and female chaperones
We are still exploring and haven't made a firm commitment. Keep us posted on trip information.
We do not have chaperones, but we do have a few youth who would like to attend with the CTUCC group
Other-- Add your comments below
Estimate of Numbers
Estimated number of adult chaperones. Indicate male and female. (Example: 2F, 1M). A guideline for supervision is 1 leader for every 6 youth.
Estimated number of youth participants
We will travel independently
We are interested in reserving seats on the Tri-Conference bus.
Not sure yet
*Selling Points

What features of NYE will you be sure to communicate to youth and parents? Check your top three.

dynamic worship with great music
service work in and advocacy training
networking with leaders from other conferences
workshops that wiill foster faith formation and leadership
recreation and fellowship opportunities
Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Leave us a note here
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