Faith Formation Leadership Program 2019-2020

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*Faith Formation and Youth Ministry Sessions

Please select either an ONSITE class or ZOOM for a particular session.  They are NOT on the same date.  You will either choose to attend in person at the designated church location OR you will ZOOM from home.  If you attend 4 sessions you will get a discount of $15.00.  Each session is $45.00 or a total of $165.00 for 4  ($180-$15).  

Oct. 26 - FF 101 at Hadwen/Worcester ($45)
Dec. 7 - FF 101 ZOOM (from home) ($45)
Jan. 11 - Engaging Our Scripture - Hadwen/Worcester ($45)
Feb. 8 - Engaging Our Scripture - ZOOM (from home) ($45)
Feb. 1 - Serving Together - Hadwen/Worcester ($45)
Feb. 29 - Serving Together ZOOM (from home) ($45)
March 7 - YM 101 at Hadwen/Worcester ($45)
May 2 - YM 101 ZOOM (from home) ($45)
Mar. 21 - Exploring the UCC - Hadwen/Worcester ($45)
Mar. 28 - Exploring the UCC - ZOOM (from home) ($45)
ALL four sessions (for discount) (($15))

Are you taking these classes as part of the Certification program?


Please note that the Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island Conferences sometimes take photographs and record video at Conference events for use in Conference publicity materials in print, online and in social media. If you have concerns about appearing in these materials, please contact Tiffany Vail, Associate Conference Minister for Communication, at, and we will do our best to address them.

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