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 This person agrees to communicate regularly with partners, assist with event leadership, and communicate information to parents, youth and pastors of your congregation.

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*What tasks do you prefer for Giv2 events?

This cooperative ministry works well when we share our  leadership gifts and resources. Where are you most comfortable serving?  You may select more than one answer!

liaison with local non-profits, researching work sites
advance publicity, invitations, flyers, etc
driving and chaperoning
taking photos
providing refreshments
welcoming youth and offering an ice-breaker
theological reflection
sharing the Giv2 impact (event story, social media posts)
communications and administration
Suggestions for Giv2 events for 2018-2019

Add your ideas for types of work (cooking, outdoor work, etc) or list names of non-profit partners that would be a good fit for Giv2.

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