Giv2 Scholarship for Silver Lake

Youth who have participated in 2017-2018 Giv2 events are elegible for a $100 scholarship toward any of the 'service' conferences at Silver Lake.  These include Pioneer during pre-camp, Hammer and Nail on week 4, and River of Dreams on week 6.  Scholarships will be applied to camp balance.

*First Name
*Last Name
*Church and town
*Parent / Guardian name
*Parent / Guardian email
*Name a Giv2 work project that you helped with in the last 12 months and describe your work.
*Which Silver Lake Service Conference do you plan to attend in 2018
Hammer and Nail
River of Dreams
*What gifts or skills will you bring to the work this summer?
*How will you tell others about your Silver Lake experience?
share a reflection at my home church
speak at a Giv2 event in 2018-2019
speak at my association meeting
create a video or blog
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