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Letter to Gov. Baker Regarding the Weymouth Compressor Station

Dear Governor Baker:

We are writing as members of the United Church of Christ in Massachusetts, spiritual descendants of the Pilgrims and Puritans, organized into 340 churches with 60,000 members.  We urgently appeal to you to withdraw your support for the Enbridge natural gas compressor station in Weymouth.

Nowhere in our country has a gas plant with potential of explosion been placed in such a densely populated area where an incineration zone includes thousands of children, nursing home elders, residents, stores and a major evacuation bridge along with flammable hydrogen tanks and Boston Harbor sewage treatment plant adjacent it. 39 new carcinogens would emit from this 7,700 hp compressor and infiltrate neighborhoods already suffering at higher rates of deadly diseases because of above MA average of dangerous toxic pollutants there.

You know well that climate change is accelerating at a dangerous pace, and that unrestrained burning of fossil fuels has brought us into an era of record-breaking storms, wildfires, drought and floods.   Extraordinary storms and flooding have already affected many of our residents on the North Shore,  rising sea levels pose a profound risk to Cape Cod communities, and increasing drought and heat are a risk statewide.  You know that tropical diseases such as West Nile Virus and EEE are migrating northward rapidly and already affecting much of Massachusetts. 

Our Christian faith calls us to try to prevent and alleviate human suffering.  We are also called to honor and appreciate creation itself, the delicate and God-given balance of which is being radically disrupted by human-caused carbon emissions.

You have lately taken significant leadership in urging Massachusetts to make plans to adapt to a warming climate, and we appreciate this leadership.  However, unless carbon emissions are radically curtailed in the very near future, it will be all but impossible for most communities to adapt to the magnitude of change we will face.

There is a clear and urgent moral imperative to quickly reduce our use of gas, oil and coal.  This is no time to invest in new fossil fuel infrastructure.  We stand with the residents of Weymouth and elsewhere on the South Shore in asking you to protect the people of Massachusetts by halting this project.


The Rev. Don Remick, Interim Transitional Conference Minister, Massachusetts Conference UCC
Dawn Hammond, Associate Conference Minister, Massachusetts Conference UCC
The Rev. Jonathan New, Associate Conference Minister, Massachusetts Conference UCC


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