Racial Justice Training - OCTOBER


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The registration fee for this event is $50 for clergy and $25 for lay persons(Detailed information regaurding the difference in fees can be found on the CT UCC's Racial Justice webpage and on this training's event information page.) The registrtation fee for this event can be paid in one of the following ways:

  • pay now - online
  • pay later - online
  • pay at training - check

Whether you decide to pay now or later, once you complete and submit the registration form your training spot will be reserved. You will recieve an email confirmation with your reservation link. You can use that link to pay online at a later date. If you decide to pay with a check on the day of the training, please make sure it's made payable to: Missonary Society of Connecticut or MSC. If you have any issues or questions regaurding the registration fee or payment process please contact Abby Charamut at 860-761-7100 or abbyc@ctucc.org. Thank you!

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PAY NOW - online ($50)
PAY LATER - online ($50)
PAY AT TRAINING - check ($50)

     Make your check payable to: MISSONARY SOCIETY OF CONNECTICUT or MSC

PAY NOW - online ($25)
PAY LATER - online ($25)
PAY AT TRAINING - check ($25)

     Make your check payable to: MISSONARY SOCIETY OF CONNECTICUT or MSC


Please note that the Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island Conferences sometimes take photographs and record video at Conference events for use in Conference publicity materials in print, online and in social media. If you have concerns about appearing in these materials, please contact Tiffany Vail, Associate Conference Minister for Communication, at vailt@macucc.org, and we will do our best to address them.

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