Super Saturday Workshop Proposal Form - October 2017

Super Saturday - October 21, 2017
Keefe Technical Regional High School, Framingham

If you would like to share concepts and practices you’ve developed that are changing your congregation or community’s mission and ministry, we invite you to consider submitting a workshop proposal.  As a workshop leader, your registration will be free.  

If your proposal is accepted, you will offer a workshop designed to share your insights and create a space for learning and exploration. 

*First Name
*Last Name

I am a member of the:

Massachusetts Conference
Rhode Island Conference
Connecticut Conference
If you chose OTHER, please indicate the Conference below:
*Church Membership (Name, Town, State)
Presenter Information

Each workshop may have up to two presenters whose registration fees will be waived.  Waived fee is not transferable.  All other presenters must register as a participant and pay the registration fee.

Please indicate how you would like your name (NAME, TITLE, etc....) to appear on the brochure.  It is important for attendees to know who you are, where you are from and about your background.  Due to limited brochure space, your title may be edited.  Once it has been sent to the printer it cannot be changed. 

*Proposed Workshop Presenter
Proposed Workshop Presenter #2 (if applicable)
Workshop Information
*Proposed Workshop Title

Please make sure your title truly represents your workshop.  Many people read the title and skim the description; and then are disappointed to find that it wasn't what they were expecting.  

Your title should be short. If it is too long, it will be edited.

*Proposed Workshop Description (Limit your description to 3 SHORT SENTENCES)

Please make the topic description very clear and as short as possible. Due to limited brochure space, your description may be edited.  Please be very specific about your topic and your target audience.  

*Who is your Target Audience? Who do you think would benefit from attending your workshop?
*My presentation will need AV:
*Workshop Length

Please tell us how much time it will take to present your workshop.

90 Minutes - standard time
30 Minutes - lunch conversation
*What session would you prefer?

We will try our best to accommodate you.

No Preference - AM or PM is fine
30 Minute Lunch Presentation
Additional Comments Regarding your Workshop.
Important Information

Before you submit your workshop, please double check your calender to make sure can present your workshop on October 21, 2017.  It is very difficult to cancel a workshop once the brochure has been printed and registration has begun.

Please do not publicize your workshop until your workshop has been accepted by the Super Saturday Team.

Please make sure you list all of your co-presenters in the space above.

As you are preparing your workshop, please remember no self-promotion or "selling" of your books/services during the workshop.  We have received numerous complaints over the years.  If you want to promote your services or books, you are welcome to register for marketplace table.  


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