Tending the Fire 2018-2019

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UCC Clergy

Please select from the list of MACUCC churches.

If you are a UCC clergyperson searching for a call or your UCC church affiliation is out of state please answer below.

RI or CT Conference.

Please identify your church by name and complete address.

Non-UCC Clergy

Please include your church affliation including church name and complete address.

Church position

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*Registration Fee

$200 is due as your first payment/deposit.  The second payment of $200 will be due before the second session in January and the final payment of $200 is due before the third session March 12.  Checks may be mailed to Cindy Bolton, payable to MACUCC, 1 Badger Road, Framingham, MA  01702.


UCC Clergy (MA) ($600)
UCC Clergy (CT) ($600)
UCC Clergy (RI) ($600)
Non- UCC Clergy ($800)
Food allergies or vegetarian?

Note: Allergy and/or vegetarian diets can be accommodated but please no "dislikes." Thank you!

Overnight Lodging at Edwards House- - Session 1

Linens are provided at Edwards House

Tuesday Night (11/6) ($40)
Wednesday Night (11/7) Linens included ($40)
Overnight Lodging at Edwards House-Session 2

 Linens are provided at Edwards House.

Tuesday Night (1/8) ($40)
Wednesday Night (1/9) ($40)
Overnight Lodging at Silver Lake-Session 3

 Linens are not provided at Silver Lake. You should plan on bringing your own sheets, pillow(s), blankets, towels and toiletries.

Tuesday Night (3/12) ($40)
Wednesday Night (3/13) ($40)
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